Licensed Technician

Our company continues to raise the bar in its industry by introducing innovative practices and programs that not only contributes to better efficiency, but also sets us apart from the competition. 

A new $25,000.00 computerized system, for the HVACR industry, as an example, has enhanced the effectiveness of our entire operation - from administration to technicians out in the field.  This allows us to save time so our customers are not paying for wasted time.  We've also implemented higher standards for our technicians, in terms of their overall appearance and training.  No matter how many years of experience they have, they're continually taking courses to upgrade their skills and become more knowledgeable and their salary reflects that education.  We have training nights where equipment manufacturers come into our shop to put on seminars.

That's how we're competive - we don't waste time learning on the customer's bill, we train them personally and then send them out.  We have a good crew, from apprentices to top-level technicians who hold all required licenses.  We're very diverse.  People are the driving force behind most good companies and General is proud of its team and their accomplishments.  Our employees are responsible adults both in the community and on the job.  They are committed to what they do.  We can lead them and offer guidance, but ultimately it's up to the employees to project our image to the customer and they do a very good job at that.