A technician doing preventive maintenance
At General Refrigeration we believe in taking a proactive approach to managing mechanical systems. By developing a custom maintenance program for each site we service, we ensure that mechanical systems remain reliable and function properly when your business needs them the most. 

Not sure if your systems require a maintenance program? Below are the top 5 reasons why a maintenance program should be applied to mechanical systems: 

  1. Reduce System Operating Pressure: Whether it is a clogged coil or a clogged filter, lack of maintenance will increase the operating pressure of the system. As mechanical components run at higher operating pressures, they generate more heat, work harder to achieve the desired setpoints and fail more regularly. Proper maintenance programs will reduce pressure which in turn reduce energy consumption and the volume of service calls.
  2. Reduce Operating Costs: Building systems such as HVAC, refrigeration & lighting account for the majority of a facilities energy consumption. By maintaining systems in accordance with manufacturer specifications energy consumption can be controlled and unit performance can achieve higher efficiency. US Department of Energy and the Building Efficiency Initiative group have identified that a proper maintenance program can reduce system energy consumption by 5 to 45%.
  3. Avoid Costly Repairs: A faulty temperature sensor or poor airflow due to clogged filters/coils can be responsible for generating major havoc on your HVAC and Refrigeration systems. By identifying minor system failures, we can address these problems before they generate more expensive failures such as motor failures and compressor failures.
  4. Extend System Life Expectancy: HVAC and Refrigeration systems degrade over their life which impacts their performance and efficiency. Maintenance programs have been proven to slow the degradation of the system to extend a systems operating life for maximum return and maximum efficiency on the system.
  5. Fulfil Warranty Requirements: Majority of the major HVAC and Refrigeration manufacturers recommend a maintenance program to keep their systems running in reliable condition. By maintaining a proper maintenance program you can ensure that all system warranties will be achieved as system components will not fail due to neglect.

General Refrigeration’s team of experienced technicians look forward to servicing your HVAC and Refrigeration systems. By choosing General Refrigeration as your service partner, you are ensuring your systems will be well taken care of for many years to come.

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